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Mold inspections should be a concern to Naples, Bonita Springs and Ft Myers homebuyers. 

Homebuyer should realize that many homes are vacant much of the year in our area because of the large number of seasonal residents. Storms can cause water intrusions and power outages, both can result in mold growth in homes not monitored by owner or "homewatch" company. Problems occur when inexperienced "mold assessors" perform mold tests and claim a home has "elevated mold counts" and suggest you need a mold remediator.  No one should label a home as mold contaminated using just mold air samples.  Mold air samples can be wrong for many reasons; mold problems can ONLY be determined with a visual inspection to identify the location and source of the mold contamination.

Elevated mold spore count alone only,suggests the need for a mold assessment not remediation. A mold assessment / inspection report will not only document where the mold is but what caused it and include recommendations for corrections, often called protocols.

Radon testing since 1999, indicates to us that about one out of two Naples or Ft Myers condos and high rise units have elevated radon levels. 

We have performed over 20,000 radon tests in our area which includes all of Collier and Lee Counties.  Elevated radon levels in a home is a serious health concern (#2 cause of lung cancer) but is best considered just another home repair.  Elevated radon levels can be easily lowered by a Florida DOH certified radon mitigation business.

Naples / Bonita Springs (239) 498-4619
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Ft Myers / Cape Coral (239) 948-9717

Radon & Mold  Professionals had the first mold inspector in Naples, Marco Island (Collier County) licensed by the state of Florida as a Mold Assessor, Doug Wall a Certified Indoor Environmentalist.  John Cosgrove, CIE also from Radon & Mold Professionals was the first State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor in Lee County providing mold inspections and testing for Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Sanibel Island and Bonita Springs.

 Naples: (239) 498-4619      Ft Myers / Cape Coral: (239) 948-9717     Toll Free: (800) 881-3837

Our detailed and easy to understand mold assessment (inspection) reports for Ft Myers, Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and all of SW Florida provide client with the needed information to have remediation work done properly.

Since so many companies try copy our mold inspection reports, we ask you to contact our office to see a "Sample Mold Inspection Report"  at  radonandmoldprofessionals@gmail.com 


To seach all of our sites for Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and Ft Myers Mold Assessors, Mold Remediators, Radon Mitigation and Testing  use this search bar.

Since 1999, Radon & Mold Professionals has consistently excelled in providing the Best Radon Testing, Mold Inspections, Mold Sampling (Testing), Odor Identification, Allergen Screening, Defective (Chinese) Drywall Assessments and Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera survey's for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Ft Myers, Ft Myers Beach,Cape Coral and Marco Island, Florida including for Home Inspections . Environmental Inspections / testing performed by ACAC Board Certified indoor Environmentalists (CIE) that have performed thousands radon tests and mold assessments in Naples, Bonita Springs and Ft Myers area.  

Mold Inspection without infrared thermal imaging is not complete.

Sooner or later the inspector will miss a "wet spot". Mold needs moisture to grow (food and water). Infrared cameras and moisture meters are essential to identify "wet spots" that can grow mold. Your Naples home will almost always have mold spores in the indoor air but like most living things they need moisture to grow (food & water). Mold growth in your home should be avoided.

infrared photo of inspector

Infrared cameras
measure temperature

Moisture identified in bathroom of a Naples home
infrared photo of moisture spot

When objects are wet
they usually have a
different temperature.

Fusion photo of moisture mold source / photo left
infrared photo fused with digital photo of wet area

Fusion photo
combines infrared photo
and digital photo to
aid in area location.

Our Bonita Springs, Naples Florida licensed mold assessors (inspectors) always use infrared cameras during a mold inspection, some inspectors charge extra when they use their infra red camera, we never do. We always use the cameras to do the best job.

Best Experienced Licensed Naples Mold Inspectors

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Naples and Bonita Springs consumers should understand that "Mold Testing" (Air Sampling for Mold) may be useful as part of a mold assessment, but it is never a substitute for a thorough visual inspection.

New York City Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental & Occupational Disease Epidemiology


A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible contamination problem.

North Dakota Department of Health


Testing is not recommended as the first step to determine if you have a mold problem.

Minnesota Department of Health

Poor reason for testing #1 "To find out if there is mold"

Poor reason for testing #2 "To identify what type of mold is present"

Poor reason for testing #3 "To learn if the mold is the toxic kind"

ACAC board Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE)

State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessors (Inspectors)

We do not perform home inspections. We are Indoor Air Quality Specialists, we leave the home inspections to the State of Florida Licensed Home Inspectors. For a list of Florida licensed home inspectors go to our home inspection page.

Florida law requires person placing or picking up a radon test in Naples be certified by the Florida DOH to do so.

Naples alligator on the path Surprised

First Question you should ask your mold inspector:


Second Question should be are you a:

 CIE-- Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist


CIEC-- Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant


 CMC-- Council-certified Microbial Consultant

We prove our mold assessment is the best over 800 times a year.  Our detailed mold reports with nationally accepted remediation recommendations based on industry standards are second to none.    A mold test is only part of a mold inspection.  When the new Florida law becomes effective (2010), E&O insurance, extensive training and experience, detailed reports will be required for mold assessment.
Your mold inspector should be able to interpret your lab analysis, if he can't, you should consider hiring a Certified Indoor Environmentalist.  (see EPA recommendation below)

What is a mold inspection (assessment)?

"a mold assessment is to determine the sources, locations and extent of mold growth in a building, to determine the condition(s) that caused the mold growth, and to enable the assessment consultant to prepare a mold remediation protocol."    

Did you order a mold inspection and just get lab analysis for a report? You had a mold test! A mold test analysis is only part of a mold inspection Report. This is not a reliable method of determining whether the property has a mold issue and does not identify any sources or information about why there is an elevated spore count. A mold cleanup company needs a complete report

Indoor environmental health and safety can often require investigations into such issues as water damage due to severe weather, faulty construction, or plumbing. Remediation of fungal contamination may be required to assure occupant safety.  Radon and Mold Professionals provides clearance testing to remediators but we do no remediation work to assure the consumer of no conflict of interest.

Websites for RADON & MOLD info:

Naples Mold Inspection Information Do You KNOW that a mold inspection is not the same as a mold test. Many Real Estate agents do not    

Shawn Price is our FL DOH certified Measurement Specialist. We use Air Chek, Inc. for measurement services. Air Chek, Inc. FL DOH certified radon business RB0214

Associated Radon Services FL DOH certified radon business Mr. Levy is the most knowledgeable person we know concerning radon    

Radon and Mold Professionals provides radon testing and complete indoor air quality mold inspections including mold sampling (testing) in the Naples, Cape Coral, Bontia Springs, Estero, Marco Island, and Ft Myers, Florida area and statewide for larger projects by providing mold surface and air sampling for fungal contamination investigations, specializing in commercial, professional buildings and home mold inspections for black toxic molds with mold laboratory reporting.

Find a Home Inspector | Home Inspection Information


Radon & Mold Professionals is a premiere inspector in the Naples, Florida Home Inspections community on Inspectopia.com.

Web www.epa.gov
www.certifiedradonmold.com www.radonmoldhelp.com

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Mold Inspection and Testing for Mold? Professional Mold inspections and mold testing services should always be considered when individuals, or businesses, suspect health risk, to occupants in an indoor environment. Radon and Mold Professionals specializes in indoor air quality mold inspection and testing services for these needs. Radon and Mold Professionals provides rapid response in emergency situations, quality assurance to residential and commercial clients, attention to project timelines, and provides fast, analytical laboratory results with detailed inspection reporting. INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA CHECK INCLUDED. Florida law requires Mold Related Services ( Assessors & Remediators) be licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

State of Florida Mold Assessor License #MRS 2
Mold License Doug Wall

Doug Wall, CIE
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist, (CIE)
Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor / license #MRSA  2
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector / license #HI 2202
FL DOH certified radon measurement tech R1751

State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor # MRS5
Mold License John Cosgrove
John Cosgrove, CIE
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist, (CIE)
Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor / license #MRS 5
FL DOH certified for radon, R1867
John Cosgrove, CIE, Inc.
State of Florida Mold Assessor License #MRSA 763
mold license Greg Gomez.jpg

Greg Gomez, CIE,
 State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor / license #MRSA763
Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist, (CIE)
Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
FL DOH certified radon measurement tech R 2191
Grg Gomez has proven his knowledge of mold and indoor air quality issues by performing hundreds of mold inspections / assessments throughout Naples, Bonita Spring, Ft Myers and all of Southwest Florida.  


Florida DOH certified Radon Business providing radon testing, radon gas testing, radon inspection, info for radon mitigation, info for indoor air quality, toxic mold, links to the Florida Department of Health, Florida home inspectors, Florida real estate, ASHI (Gulf Coast Chapter of Home Inspectors), Formaldehyde, Allergens, Ozone.  Providing Florida Residential, Commercial, Industrial Mold Inspections and Mold and Radon Testing since 1999.  $140 for radon tests in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. ---------- Cape Coral, Marco Island and Sanibel Island radon tests have a $10 trip charge added to charge.  Serving Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Insurance Companies, and all Private and Public Sectors needing Indoor Environmental Mold Inspections and Mold Testing Service. One of our goals is to provide you with the names of companies, links, phone numbers and information to help you make sound decisions on inspections / testing and their results if we can not "perform the service" .Naples home inspectors are required to have an occupational license from Collier County. Cape Coral home inspectors are required to have an occupational license from Lee County. Cape Coral mold inspections require a mold assessment occupational license from Lee County

We use Air Chek, Inc. FL DOH certified Radon Measurement Business RB0214 for our radon measurement services.
Florida Department of Health allows only FL DOH measurement specialists and FL DOH certified mitigation specialists to "express" "evaluations and observations" of radon tests or radon mitigations to "Florida citizens and customers, or potential customers".
We have been the leader in performing residential Real Estate radon tests for years, we think in part, because we strive to follow the FL DOH's many rules concerning radon.
***Accuracy is not guarunteed on this web site.
The radon evaluations, observations and opinions posted here are not those of the Radon & Mold Professionals.